Published Research

Syracuse University published research within the infrastructure space.

Analyzing managerial perceptions of when and how to structure public involvement in public-private partnerships
Authors: Boyer, E. J., Rogers, J. D. & Van Slyke, D.
July 2018

Citizen Attitudes Towards Public–Private Partnerships
Authors: Boyer, E. J. & Van Slyke, D.
April 2018

Learning-Based Energy-Efficient Data Collection by Unmanned Vehicles in Smart Cities
Authors: Zhang, B., Liu, C. H., Tang, J., Xu, Z., Ma, J. & Wang, W.
April 2018

Designing cyber-physical systems middleware for smart cities applications
Authors: Gujrati, S., Zhu, H. & Singh, G.
January 2018

Scale economies, returns to variety, and the productivity of public infrastructure
Authors: Holtz-Eakin, D. & Lovely, M. E.
February 2017

Terrorist critical infrastructures, organizational capacity and security risk
Authors: Corri Zoli, Laura J Steinberg, Martha Grabowski, Margaret G Hermann

Introduction: Re-politicizing water allocation
Authors: Thomas A Perreault, Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos
January 2015