Funded Projects

Awarded Projects within the Infrastructure Space

City Scripts: Symposia on the City
Author: Lawrence Davis, Grant D. Reeher
Department: SU Architecture & SU Political Science
Sponsor: The Kresge Foundation
November 2019 funded at $30,000

Holistic Assessment of the Impacts of Connected Buildings and People on Community Energy Planning and Management: CAREER
Author: Bing Dong
Department: Mech & Aero Engineering
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
September 2019 funded at $391,738

Investing in Rural Prosperity: Community and Economic Development to Support Resilient Water Infrastructure
Author: Khristopher Dodson
Department: Center for Sustainable Community Solutions – LCS
Sponsor: US Department of Agriculture
August 2019 funded at $171,950

From Planning to Implementation: Building Capacity in the Town of Sandy Creek
Author: Kristopher Dodson
Department: Center for Sustainable Community Solutions
Sponsor: State University of New York at Stony Brook
May 2019 funded at $24,999

Smart Airport Life Cycle Management
Investigator: Baris Salman
Department: Civil/Environmental Engineering
Sponsor: National Academy of science/engineering/medicine
August 2018 funded at $12,000.0

Affordable housing and non-peripheralization in Rio, Brazil
Investigator: John Burdick
Department: Anthropology
Sponsor: Economic and Social Research Council
July 2018 funded at $47,140.0

Linking Engineering and Public Policy in the MPA/MPP Curriculum and Beyond
Investigators: Laura J. Steinberg and Don Siegel
Department: Engineering
Sponsor: Sloan Foundation and Arizona State University
July 2018 funded at $117,000

Urban Development and Governance
Investigator: Steven Lux
Department: Executive Education at Maxwell
Sponsor: Shenshen Institution
June 2018 funded at $313,011.00

SU Industrial Assessment Center
Investigator: Suresh Santtanam
Department: Bio/Chem/Mech/Aero Engineering
Sponsor: US Department of Energy
June 2018 funded at $262,500

Community Energy Project, Austin Texas
Investigators: Tarek Rakha, Jason Dedrick, Elizabeth Krietemeyer
Department: SU School of Architecture, SU iSchool
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
October 2017 funded at $99,96

Urban Resilience to Extreme Weather-Related Events Sustainability Research Network
Investigator: David Chandler
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
October 2015, network funded at $12 million for 5 years